Our Focus



We operate both in the litigation as in the advisory area. We perform the preparation of tax defenses, filing of lawsuits aiming to remove and recover undue tax requirements in addition to the monitoring of the progress of administrative and legal proceedings with the oral arguments of the reasons of our clients in different Courts. We formalize responses to consultations, issuance of legal opinions and the structuring of tax planning founded in applicable law with the purpose of minimizing the effective tax burden levied on the business of our clients.



We perform the preparation of judicial and administrative defenses against notices of infraction drawn up by authorities liable for environmental control filing of lawsuits against undue demands and legal advice pertaining to environmental legislation.



We operate both in the advisory as in the litigation area. We offer ample legal advice on monitoring and structuring of mineral projects; advice to companies regarding regulatory, tax, contractual and environmental issues. Our firm maintains intense acting before the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM). We discussed on a judicial and/or administrative basis the charge of taxes and contributions levied on the mineral sector.



We provide assistance in negotiation and formalization of contracts of all natures, such as purchase and sale, supply of goods and services, leasing, representation, distribution. We also act in the incorporation of companies, consortiums, associations and foundations. We prepare articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholders’ agreements, minutes and other corporate documents. We conduct legal auditing and corporate reorganization,including spin-offs mergers and incorporations as well as to assist in the negotiation of stockholdings and mediation in disputes among partners.